Timberline Solar™

Energy independence that's as attractive as it is effective.

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Turn your roof into an energy-producing asset

Produce your own power. Lower your electricity bill and help your home rely less on your local utility. Over time, Timberline Solar™ can pay for itself by saving you money on your monthly electric bill.

Why Timberline Solar™?

Start enjoying the savings of Timberline Solar™


Installed by skilled GAF Master Elite© roofers


Roof integrated with a low profile


New roof and solar in one project


Designed to minimize leaks & animal invasiveness


One point of contact for roof & solar


Lower your electricity bill once and for all

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing you're covered by our comprehensive Solar Max Warranty and 5-year check-ins to ensure continued optimal performance



Manufacturer Shingle Warranty



Workmanship and Electronics Warranty



Customized Solar Power Generation



Electrical Workmanship Coverage

Learn why there's never been a better time to go solar

Turn your roof into an asset

Upgrade your home's value with Timberline Solar™ - the perfect combination of durability, energy, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

How Solar Savings Work

Learn more about the innovative design and technology of solar - powered roofing solutions, and how it helps save on energy costs.


Yes, currently there is a 30% tax credit for all residential solar installations. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against money you've paid to the government. Contact your CPA for more specifics on tax questions.

Delta M and all inverter technology essentially converts the DC power of a panel into AC power for the home. Warranty is 10 years.

You will continue to receive a utility bill from your provider. Depending on the offset of the system design, the cost may only be the customer service fee for maintaining your account, or it may be the balance of cost of what the solar energy did not cover.

Adding solar to a home can increase the monetary value of a home as well as the desirability of that home. There is no exact answer, but it easily gains the value of the system that was installed. Additionally homes with solar energy sell faster and for more money than other homes.

All of the GAF Energy Timberline Solar™ products are assembled in the USA.

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Complement Your Home's Style With A Variety Of Color Choices


Pewter Gray

Weathered Wood