Proper Steps following a storm that has damaged your roof in Perry GA!

  • If there is visible damage to your roof and it will cause interior damage, get the roof tarped or temporarily repaired as soon as possible.  If there is a tree or other debris on the roof, get it removed.  The professionals at Schwartz Residential Roofing are here to help if you have a tree that has fallen on your home and need to get the roof covered. 
  • If you can't see any visible damage but think your roof may have been damaged, first call your insurance company or agent and discuss with them how to move forward.
  • Review your insurance policy.  Know what the insurance company will cover, what is your deductible.  Does your policy cover the replacement value of the roof or only the depreciated value?
  • The insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the roof damage.
  •  The adjuster (and only an adjuster) determines if damage has occurred, he will issue a report listing the damage and the expected cost of recovery.
  • The adjuster will then cut a check for the damage minus the depreciation of the roof.  In many cases the check is written to both you and your mortgage company.  You will need to contact your mortgage company to get the steps on how they will endorse the check.
  • You can choose 2 different ways to hire a roofing contractor. You may bid the work to one or more contractors and accept a bid. If that bid is less than the insurance company estimate, the insurance company will pay only the contractor's amount, less deductible. If the bid is more than the insurance estimate, you can submit the higher bid to the insurance company and attempt to work out the difference. You can always hire the trusted contractor of your choice. 
  • Under NO circumstances can you avoid paying your roof deductible. Any contractor that suggests otherwise is committing insurance fraud.
  • After the project has been completed, the contractor or you send an invoice and certificate of completion to the insurance company. Insurance then cuts you a check for the depreciated portion of the roof (providing you have replacement cost insurance) In some instances, a mortgage company and/or contractor may be listed on the check as co-payees.

Beware of Roofers knocking on doors

Many roofers will go through neighborhoods knocking on doors saying they believe your roof has wind or storm damage.  First, don't sign anything.  Second, don't let them get on your roof.  Check out our information about storm chasers and what you need to know to protect yourself.

Insurance Claim Specialist & Storm Damage Experts in Perry GA

Be careful of roofing companies that claim to be Insurance Claim Specialists or Storm Damage Experts.  In many cases these companies are fly-by-night contractors that know little about roofing and a lot on how to take advantage of insurance companies and homeowners.  There have been numerous news stories about roofing contractors taking advantage of homeowners after a storm has hit.  Recently, there have been reports of roofers actually damaging perfectly sound roofs to make it appear the roof was damaged by hail or wind.  Know who is on your roof and be apart of the process.  Get copies of insurance certificates before you allow a roofing contractor on your roof to do a damage assessment.  You should always be there person dealing with your insurance company, not the roofer.  In fact it is against the law in Georgia for a roofer to negotiate directly with the insurance company.  Work with your agent, they are the best person to deal with on the insurance end if you think you have a damaged roof.