Golden Pledge Limited Warranty Schwartz

Schwartz Residential Roofing believes that installing a complete roof system is one of the most important factors when installing a roof.  The difference in a roof system and just a plain old roof is mainly found underneath the shingles.  How the roof is put together is extremely important to the longevity and performance of your new roof.  The system we have found that works the best is the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.

Silver Pledge GAF Warranty Seal Schwartz

When Schwartz Residential Roofing installs a GAF Lifetime Roofing we include the GAF Silver Pledge Warranty.  This warranty covers the materials of the entire roof system for a non-prorated period of 50 years.  Most shingle warranties non-prorate period is 10 years and only the shingles are covered.  Upgrade to our Premium option and our workmanship is covered by GAF for 25 years.  With the Golden Pledge Warranty, a GAF Lifetime Roofing System installed by the professionals at Schwartz Residential Roofing will be the last roof you will buy on your home.